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What a cohesive brand looks like on social media: Learning from Rhode Skin by Hailey Bieber.

We have been very vocal about the importance of having a purpose behind your digital presence and being cohesive, but how does that look exactly?

Well, on today's blog we are going to analyze Hailey Bieber's new skincare brand 'Rhode Skin' and learn three important lessons for you to apply to your brand's social media.

Starting out with some context: In case you don't know who Hailey Bieber is (WHAT?) she is an American model, media personality, and socialite who also happens to be married to Justin Bieber (not relevant for this case just FYI).

For the past couple of years Hailey has publicly express her love for skincare and wellness in general, in fact, she popularized the 'glazed doughnut skin look' and with a quick Pinterest search you can see for your self how much of a reference she has become when it comes to skincare.

So when she announced she was going to launch a skincare brand it was very aligned with her own personal brand. In fact Rhode's website includes a message from Hailey herself, which reads:

“My journey towards healthier skin inspired me to develop products that really work, in a way that’s accessible to everyone. (...) I hope these will become your go-to essentials that can live in your bathroom, be your favorite travel companion, improve your skin over time, and keep your skin happy and hydrated.”

This is the first lesson we can learn from Rhode: Your brand should have a story and a purpose behind and you have to be able to communicate that story consistently on social media. When brands don't share their story, it's very likely they won't be able to connect with consumers and in social media, the most important thing is to connect with your audience.

Something very important to consider as well is the fact that Hailey has worked in the past with beauty brands and influencers. Long before she even tease about her skincare brand, she was already posting content consistently on her social media about her routine, favorite products and recommendations. And here's the second lesson: You don't need to make up a story just to create connections, it also has to feel authentic for your audience.

Fast forward to the launch of Rhode, the brand announced on its instagram that the products consisted on 'a line of curated skincare essentials made with thoughtful intention. our formulas nourish your skin barrier to instantly give you dewy, delicious skin while improving its look and feel over time'. The fact that the brand launched three essential skincare products its very aligned with its value proposition and with the values behind the brand.

Looking through their website, the values that drive their business are: Simplicity, affordability, authenticity, quality and transparency. If you take a quick look through their Instagram, you can definitely tell that their communication on social media is very consisten with their values and every post breaths the purpose of the brand. This is our third and final lesson, make sure that you are communicating your values to your audience. Your values are more than a section of your website and are the pillars of your brand. Make sure to always ask yourself before posting: How is this connected to my values? Is this really serving the purpose of my brand?

Considering the above, we really see a good future for Rhode Skin (Spoiler: It's already sold out), and we can't wait to see more of them on social media.

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