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Top reasons why your social media growth might be stuck

Social media is a great tool to grow your business, especially if you are in the beauty industry. Cosmetics and skincare brands were early adopters of social media marketing. They were among the first to invest in the power of beauty content creators to influence sales, positioning social media as a crucial part of their marketing strategy.

With this background, it is impossible in 2022 for a beauty brand to think about a marketing strategy without considering being on social media. That is why it can be very frustrating to see no results, even when the brands are dedicating time and effort to their social media accounts, apparently following every step of the book.

Here is a compilation of the top reasons why your social media growth might be stuck:

1. Your social media strategy does not have a purpose behind it:

Defining the purpose behind your social media strategy is crucial because it will help you determine your objectives, who you want to talk to, and what message you want to communicate. A typical symptom of no purpose is appearing to be 'active' on social media by posting daily without achieving anything in terms of community or sales. If you are experiencing burnout because of this, maybe it's time to pause and redefine your objectives on social media. You might even conclude that your brand does not need to be on every social network because you are not reaching the right audience, or maybe it does not need to post every day.

2. You are not showing your brand's personality on social media.

This one might be hard to swallow, especially when some brand managers get lost in trying to make sales and forget the whole purpose of social media. However, having a personality on social media and showing it if you want to connect with people is essential.

And this might come as no surprise to some, but it's impossible to create a connection with a brand that appears super formal or unachievable. So the lesson here is to think if you are effectively communicating the tone of your brand on all the channels you are present and if that tone is actually connecting with your ideal audience. For this, it might be helpful to learn about other brands known for having a personality on social media (Reformation or Hero Cosmetics are great examples) but be careful with trying to copy a style that doesn't belong to you.

3. You are not interacting with your audience.

Interacting with your audience goes beyond liking the comments people leave on your posts. This one is crucial because it also impacts the Instagram algorithm and could be why nobody is seeing your posts lately (besides your friends and employees).

Don't forget social media was made for humans, so related to the second point mentioned above, your brand needs to act like an actual person to be successful on social media. Follow other accounts, share content, or reply to your followers' stories and posts. Be mindful of this because you don't want to be marked as spam.

4. You are more worried about having an 'aesthetically pleasing' feed than posting quality content.

If the only thing you consider before posting on social media is if it looks good on your feed, let me tell you, you might be stuck in 2015.

Social media is constantly evolving, and after the pandemic, people are no longer interested in seeing pretty pictures or if they match your feed every time their login to their favorite social media platform. Many brands share valuable content on their accounts and provide an experience to their audience, so get your priorities straight and focus on creating a content strategy that delivers quality content to your audience and improves the shopping experience.

For this, working on different communication axes that make your audience eager to save or share your content might be helpful. If you are unsure what quality content could be for your case, go back to the first point and work on the purpose behind your digital strategy, and most importantly, answer the question ¿ What is the main message I want to communicate?

Social media can be a great tool to drive sales and build a community around your brand but it could also be a big burden if you don't have a clear strategy behind it. If you need help with your social media strategy don't forget to contact us at The Skincare Social where we provide social media consulting services to take your beauty brand to the next level and build real connections in the digital world.

Learn more about our services here.

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