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Consulting packages: 

Social Media


  • 3 sessions, each of 60 minutes during three weeks to create or adjust the digital strategy of your brand.

  • You will also get the content strategy for your brand.

USD $500


  • 6 sessions, each of 60 minutes for six weeks to work on all the axes of your brand's digital strategy.

  • Influencer Marketing strategy for your brand.

  • Full-time accompaniment during the six weeks.


360° Marketing


  • 4 weeks of strategic consulting to work on all aspects of your brand's communication.

  • Diagnosis of all the communication axes of your brand.

  • Strategic action plan to improve your online and offline positioning.

USD $1200

Join the waiting list and secure 10% OFF on any package you choose.

Do you need help growing your brand's social media?


  • Monthly management of your brand's social media.

  • Design graphic pieces for your social media.

  • Content direction and curation.

  • Content creation (UGC and professional campaigns).

  • Influencer marketing strategy and management.

Get real results  like these: 

100% organic growth, no ads or giveaways needed.

Brands that chose

to be magnetic on social media:

"The consulting process with The Skincare social has been a very enriching learning process (...) Andrea's work is personalized for each brand and client, you get tips that you can apply from the first session"


Leave me your contact information and I'll reach out via email.

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I want to start a consulting for my brand: 

Thank you for your message. 

  • Who are the consulting sessions for?
    For any fashion, beauty or lifestyle brand that wants to improve their social media strategy or feels like it's stuck and simply not growing. They are also for brands that are just starting out and want to structure their digital presence from scratch.
  • How do I know which package is best for my brand?
    It depends on your brand's needs. Generally, the basic package is aimed at brands that have specific problems in their digital strategy but that already have a strategy in place. In this package, due to its duration, we focus on specific needs. If, on the other hand, you feel that you want to completely rethink your strategy and want something completely personalized to the needs of your brand, I recommend the Premium and VIP packages, where you will also have personalized advice and permanent support.
  • How does the consultancy work?
    Fill in the contact form and I will contact you to understand the package that best suits your needs. Once we have chosen the package I will send you a link to make the payment and once the payment is made we will have our sessions. Depending on the package you choose, you will have a weekly session of 60 minutes that will be held via tele-conference.
  • From where can I take the consulting session?
    From anywhere in the world! My consulting services are 100% remote, allowing me to meet with clients LITERALLY anywhere in the world.
  • How does the payment work?
    Once we've had our diagnostic session and determined which package best suits your brand's needs, I'll send you an email with a PayPal link to make the payment. This means that you can pay with any debit or credit card from PayPal. Payment with Zelle is also available.
  • What if I have questions after my consulting session?
    With the BASIC package we have a follow-up session that you can schedule within the month following your first session, there you can resolve any additional questions you may have. With the other packages, PREMIUM and VIP, you have full-time consultancy for the duration of the consultancy. Also, if after that time you have specific doubts that you would like to solve, you can contact me via WhatsApp or email to solve them at any time.
  • What happens if I am on the waiting list?
    In your email you will receive the discount code applicable for being on the waiting list and I will also send you an email every time there are consulting spaces available so that you have priority. Before paying for your consultancy, just let me know that you have a discount code and I will apply the corresponding discount to your package.
  • Are these consulting sessions for personal brands (i.e Influencers, coaches, etc)?
    No. They are specialized in fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.
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